Star Trek 50th Anniversary 3,000-Piece Puzzle-now available to order

3,000 PIECES!!!!! Holy mackerel, it's 35 inches wide by 45 inches tall when completed, thats even bigger than the movie poster, and I heard first hand from the EMP Museum in Seattle that the box is HUGE...................I'M A PUZZLE!!!!!   

Here's a link to Entertainment Earths order page-

Here's another link to order the puzzle from

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  • Joel

    got this puzzle a year ago at least, but never had the space to try putting it together..well, due to the need to stay at home, I decided to tackle this piece at the beginning of April.. and just managed to get it finished today .. fantastic piece that will be wall-mounted when I get a chance!

  • Linda

    Q: Who is the character in the “guardian of forever” next to Captain Pike? The woman with the gray robe.

    Thank you.

  • Doug Keenan

    Absolute treat to build. The size of the puzzle brings out many details and the artwork is fantastic.

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