All the great Sci-Fi & Fantasy films of the 1970's together in one GINORMOUS 40"x27" poster!

This one pretty much has it ALL! It's one of the most elaborate pieces I've ever done. An homage to almost ALL the memorable and often hugely influential Science Fiction & Fantasy films of my youth growing up in the 1970's. Almost every aspect of the two genres are represented here, from blockbuster spectacles, animated family fare, cerebral hard science fiction, modestly produced B pictures and everything in between! ALL of which contributed to an amazing decade of genre movie making.

I spent MONTHS just making sure I was getting all the little nuanced details right...... from the costumes that characters are wearing to the most minute modeling "greeblies" on the spacecraft! I had so much fun getting to revisit all these films while I worked on this.

Imagine the conversations this one will prompt the next time you have guests over! A complete identification key is included which names the character/creature/ship/object as well as the film they/it appeared in and the year it was released! Can you name all 140 without looking???

If you pick one up, please come back after it arrives and if you like it, let me know what you think with a review.

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