Star Trek The Next generation 30th Anniversary print set!!!

The most asked question I received attending last years phenomenally fun 2016 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, where I was selling copies of my Classic Original Series Star Trek 50th Anniversary piece that’s featured in the Star Trek: 50 Artists 50 Years book, puzzle and gallery tour was, “Are you going to do a Next Generation one next?” The answer to that question changed from the start of the convention to the end. At first I couldn’t imagine doing another piece similarly incorporating someone or something from every episode of a series that was on air a full 4 YEARS LONGER than the Original series. 79 episodes would become 178! But the more I talked with all the enthusiastic fans (and incredibly helpful super fan Kathy Chung after the convention) I began to get won over to the prospect of possibly giving it a shot. As soon as I returned home I started to think more and more how I could try and make it happen, particularly in time for the shows 30th anniversary the following summer. Luckily that’s where the Roddenberry folks stepped in making it possible to create the pieces you’re seeing now. It’s always difficult deciding who to include and even more so who doesn’t make it in, but I hope everyone has a good handful of favorite characters and ships represented. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to create these pieces, they’ve only gotten my mind racing about even more subjects and themes to tackle going forward. 

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  • John Crysdale

    Make these into puzzles too please?

  • Seth

    Ditto on the puzzle!

  • Simon

    Hope you license both TNG pieces to Aquarius for 3000pc puzzles. I have the TOS one and would do just about anything to have these as well.

  • Erika

    Hope you do a DS9 one for the 25th next year.

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