The Avengers 60th Anniversary Heroes & Villains

$ 40.00

The Mighty Avengers are celebrating their 60th Anniversary in the summer of 2023, and to commemorate the occasion, i've created a poster highlighting 56 of the greatest heroes and villains in Avengers history. My personal sweet spot for the team is the Silver Age of the 1960's and the Bronze Era of the 1970's.... continuing on until roughly 1986 or those are primarily the classic versions of the heroes & villains represented here. Kirby, Buscema, Adams, Perez, Byrne and so many others......... all those fabulous stories and characters represented in one singular piece. The poster is a large 27"x40" movie sized poster, professionally printed on heavy, glossy stock, rolled, packaged and shipped securely straight to your front door, anywhere in the U.S. via UPS.

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