SOLD OUT Star Trek The Next Generation 30th Anniversary Official 3 print set limited edition of 1800 pieces

$ 100.00

Created exclusively in partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation, this limited edition, signed and numbered 3 print original artist's proof set includes someone or something from EVERY ONE of the 178 episodes comprising The Next Generation's 7 Season broadcast run on 2 individual oversized movie poster sized 27"x40" prints. The Enterprise crew and the show's "friends/allies/protagonists" & their ships comprising one print while the shows "foes/adversaries/antagonists" & their ships make up the other. Both pieces of artwork were created to compliment one another when viewed side by side. A number of characters who have doppelgängers, like Picard/Locutus, Data/Lore, Riker/Neanderthal Riker, Tasha/Sela, Guinan/Q, mirror one another in exactly the same positions in both pieces! Neat right?

The set also includes a third piece, a complete Identification Key clearly identifying all 219 characters & ships in both pieces. It measures 13"x28" and is embossed with a silver ink Roddenberry 30th Anniversary seal, signed by me, the artist of the pieces. All three pieces are printed on a heavy 80lbs. archival quality cover stock, substantially more resilient than a standard poster paper stock. They will be shipped in large 4 inch wide shipping tubes to accommodate the significantly more durable cover stock. Rolling these posters will not result in crinkling or creasing of the artwork. They can therefore be used at conventions and signings for autographs with reassurance that removing them from a shipping tube will not adversely affect the prints themselves.

If you've been waiting for something original, unique, official and one of a kind to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation, that encompasses the entire breadth of the series and not just the 7 members of the bridge crew and the Enterprise for the umpteenth time, this may be what you've been waiting for!

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