The Orville 40"x27" Poster print

$ 40.00

Here it is Orville fans, all the great characters and ships from Season 1, together in one panoramic illustration! I consider the design work done on this show, including everything from the costumes, make-ups, special effects, ship and set designs to be some of the best i've ever seen and drawing all the amazing characters, aliens and ships has been an absolute blast from start to finish. I LOVE the look of this show!

All the principle cast members and crew of the Planetary Unions ECV Orville including many of the alien races and characters encountered during the series first season along with a majority of the imaginatively designed space craft, 60 in all, are all identified in a handy callout key on the lower half of the piece.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate your love of what I consider to be a show cut from a very similar cloth as The Next Generation in both tone and aesthetic appearances, and a hardy dose of humor, this may be what you've been waiting for.

The poster is produced using a 4 color process on 100 lbs. paper stock with an Aqueous base coat and printed in an over-sized 27" x 40" movie poster format suitable for framing .

I ship the poster rolled in a plastic sleeve inside a heavy cardboard poster tube which is then packaged inside a sturdy mailing box (overkill?......YES!!!, but you can rest assured your poster will arrive in perfect condition) for shipment anywhere in the United States, 3 day priority mail.  Outside the United States and Overseas shipping will be slightly higher.

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